Modeling of magnetic properties of polymer bonded Nd–Fe–B magnets with surface modifications

In this breakthrough led by Jun Xiao, Joshua U Otaigbe, and David C Jiles, researchers explored the transformative effects of coating magnetic powders with an organometallic compound on the performance of polymer-bonded Nd–Fe–B magnets. These magnets, blending polymer matrices and magnetic powders, offer cost-effective advantages and unique shaping possibilities compared to metallic or ceramic counterparts.

The study revealed that the coating significantly enhanced the magnets’ irreversible loss in flux and energy product, providing a protective shield against moisture and oxygen, particularly at high temperatures. Using a theoretical model based on energy balance during domain magnetization, researchers deciphered changes in magnetic properties, indicating that the coating treatment increased the remanence of polymer-bonded magnets by fostering better interaction among magnetic particles.

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Joshua U. Otaigbe