Summary of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Materials Selection Consultancy: Fact or Fiction? 

AI is revolutionizing materials selection by automating data analysis and suggesting new materials, creating databases tailored to industry needs. While it accelerates discovery and decision-making, there’s debate over whether AI can yet match a human consultant’s depth of analysis, with concerns about its current level of sophistication and potential data biases. Nevertheless, consultants remain crucial, guiding the integration of AI tools, workflow development, and providing specialized training and support.

AI’s use in materials selection is proven, with many companies adopting it for faster, innovative processes. While AI consultancy is still developing, its potential is widely acknowledged. Innovators like Google AI, Citrine Informatics, and Granta Design are at the forefront, offering AI tools for material property prediction and selection optimization, signaling AI’s expanding role in this field.

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Joshua U. Otaigbe